Natural Cosmetics Recipes

Natural Cosmetics Recipes are now available to download. These are basic recipe for people who are interested to make their own Natural Cosmetic products for personal or business use.  All homemade recipe to guide you in making your own Cosmetics. Try to experiment and make it your own. Basic recipes for mineral makeup, facial care, body bath and other skin care products.

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Mineral Makeup Recipes

Loose Foundation RecipeLoose Foundation RecipeLoose Mineral Foundation Recipe is a basic recipe iavailable to download now. This will guide you on making your own formula. We will provide more recipe in the near future.
Mineral Concealer Makeup RecipeMineral Concealer Makeup RecipeMaking Mineral Concealer Makeup is quite challenging because it is hard to find a formula that will help hide different kinds of skin imperfections. With will give you two kinds of Mineral Concealer formula. This simple and easy Mineral Concealer Makeup Recipe will guide you in making your Mineral Concealer.
Mineral Lipstick RecipeMineral Lipstick RecipeMineral Lipstick Recipe is a basic recipe to complete your mineral makeup products. Very natural and all you have to do is add some color using Mica or Iron Oxide.

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