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All Skin Care Cosmetics made from Natural Ingredients to bring out the Natural Beauty in you. Providing you a one stop shop for Natural Beauty and Skin Care Cosmetics for your Sensitive Skin. All Beauty and Skin Care Cosmetics where Pure Essential and Vegetable Oils, Fruit and Botanical Extracts are used to compliment the scent and effectiveness of natural cosmetic bases. Our Natural Beauty Cosmetics have gentle and mild substances suitable for Sensitive Skin and damaged complexions due to dryness, age, acne or the environment.

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Pure Mineral Makeup for Sensitive, Oily and Acne Prone Skin

Our Mineral Makeup, particularly the Mineral Foundations are specially formulated to suit Sensitive, Oily and Acne Prone Skin.

Choose the right color from our Ultimate Foundation , Elegant Foundation , Premium Foundation, Mineral Finishing Powder, Mineral Concealer , Mineral Blush , Mineral Eyeshadow/Liner , Mineral Lipstick, Lipstick Balms and more!!

Natural Facial Care

We provide Natural Facial Care For Sensitive Skin. Browse our different Facial Care Cosmetics made from natural mild ingredients.

Start with cleaning your face using Mild Facial Wash Gel made up of natural ingredients, followed by Natural Witch Hazel Astringent to remove extra dirt and oil on your face.

Finish your regular facial cleaning with the right Natural Facial Cream. Make sure to use Facial Mask at least two to three times a week, to pull dirt and toxic substances out of your skin.

Natural Body Bath

The most pleasant and effective remedy for treating the skin is an aromatic bath.

Prepare your skin for a treatment bath by starting with the cleansing shower.

Towel dry and sink yourself slowly into the tub. Relax and breathe in the fragrance of Essential Oil present in the Natural Bubble Bath.

Finish your aromatic bath by using Natural Body Butter or Body Cream to completely refresh and nourish your skin.

Our Natural Aromatherapy Body Bath products include Pure Natural Aroma Body Butter, Natural Aromatherapy Bubble Bath, Natural Shower Gel, Natural Body Creams, and Natural Body Lotion

Natural Hair Care

Healthy Skin starts with a healthy scalp. When treating Hair or Scalp problems, the opinion of experts vary greatly.

It is important to find out what Hair Care Cosmetics work for you. Buying a small amount of shampoo or hair conditioner before buying large sizes of Shampoo or Hair Conditoner can save you a lot of money.

Switch to Natural Hair Care products to see the effectiveness.Try our SlS Free Shampoo, and Natural Hair Conditioner .

Make sure to give your Hair and Scalp an occasional Hair Treatment to completely nourish and groom your hair ragardless of Hair Care products that you use or the hair type that you have.

Natural Aromatherapy and Raw Ingredients For Cosmetic Making

We also provide different Natural Aromatherapy Products and high quality Natural Cosmetics Raw Ingredients in making creams, lotions, toners, soaps, shampoos and more.

We truly offer great products that is environmentally safe.

Natural Cosmetics may not work as quickly as synthetic Cosmetics, but Natural Cosmetics when mixed with Pure Essential and Vegetable Oils, Minerals, Botanical and Fruit Extracts work effectively and continously. The effects of Natural Cosmetics will depend on the Skin receptivity to absorb, accompanied by the lifestyle that we may have.

You may need some time to adjust to Natural Cosmetics, but your skin condition will surely improve.

It will usually take one week to notice the effectiveness of Natural Cosmetics on your Skin.

Natural Hair Care, Natural Body Bath, Mineral Makeup, Natural Facial Care and Natural Aromatheraphy have gentle and natural effects on the Skin, Hair and Sense of Smell. Wishing you all the pleasure of discovering, creating and enjoying the natural Skin Care Cosmetics of these gifts of nature.

Switch from synthetic to Natural Cosmetics and your Skin will surely improve in no time.


We use all natural ingredients for our  Natural Hair Care, Natural Body Bath, Mineral Makeup, Natural Facial Care and Natural Aromatheraphy for gentle and natural effects on the Skin, Hair and Sense of Smell.

All the ingredients that we use and buy from our suppliers have notifications from Health Canada. We do not use ingredients that are not in compliance with the Rules and Regulations of Health Canada.

Wishing you all the pleasure of discovering, creating and enjoying the natural Skin Care Cosmetics of these gifts of nature.

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Start shopping and find the right Natural Cosmetics for you. Free samples are available in a small poly bag and a 5 ml zabe jar( net wt.= 2 grams) for lotions and creams

Start switching to natural Beauty Cosmetics now!!


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